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Quality Installation & Reliable Service

R&J Glass Sun Screens Windows LLC is a fully licensed and family owned residential window installers, serving the Valley of the Sun with over 15 years experience.

We have serviced many Arizona residents, and we greatly value each and every client. We are proud of our reputation here in the Phoenix area, and we treat each and every customer like family.

Services we offer:

  • Residential Windows
  • Emergency Repair & Replacement
  • Double Panel Glass
  • Solar Sunscreens
  • Shower Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Security Doors & Windows
  • Commercial Glass Services
  • Replace steel sash and putting
  • Remove and dispose of old glass
  • Shower Doors
Why should I hire R&J Glass?

R&J Glass is a family owned and operated company with over 15 years of experience servicing the Valley of the Sun. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service. We guarantee all of our work and we value our outstanding reputation. We offer 24 hour Emergency Service at affordable prices and we are licensed and bonded.

Why are Solar SunScreens a better choice than window films or awnings?

Film is an interior application and is not designed for double pane windows. It is also not as effective as Solar SunScreens, and it may void all window warranties. In addition, it may damage sealed thermal pane windows. Awnings can be expensive and do not offer protection 100% of the time. Neither of these alternatives will result in energy savings in the winter.

Will people be able to see in my house?

Not during the day. Solar SunScreens offer privacy in the daytime, however, at night if you have lights on, people will be able to see inside your home.

Are all Solar SunScreens the same?

No, companies use different materials and building methods.

Will Solar SunScreens save money on my Energy Bills?

We can not provide any guarantees, but solar sunscreens may reduce the amount of heat that enters your home through windows as well as protect the interior of your home by blocking the sun through your windows.

Will I still be able to open my windows for airflow?

Yes, properly installed Solar SunScreens will not inhibit the operation of your windows. However, airflow may be slightly reduced due to the thickness of the material.

How long will my Solar SunScreens last?

R&J Sunscreens uses reputable manufacturers for all products. Please call for specific manufacturer warranties.

Should I use the 80% or the 90% screening?

If you want more light, better airflow and visibility, you should go with 80 percent. If you want more glare reduction and energy efficiency you should probably go with the 90 percent. It is also possible to put 90 percent screening on the more exposed areas and 80 percent on areas with less sun exposure (i.e.north side).  Aesthetically, it will not look any different on the exterior.

What color SunScreen should I choose and why?

The darker colors have the best view. However, we offer different colors, and you should pick the color you will be most happy with. Be aware that your HOA may have requirements regarding sunscreen colors, please check before installing.